The main theme of the IrHC2017 is “Productivity of Horticultural Crops in Iran: Potentials, Production Limitations, Possible Solutions and International Collaborations”. IrHC2017 will cover all aspects of horticulture mainly on Pomology and Fruit culture, Floriculture, Vegetable Crops and Medicinal Plants. There are some limitations for horticulture industry in Iran, such as shortage of water, drought, salinity, late spring frost or other biotic and abiotic stresses. Producing high quality horticultural crops using suitable genotype or cultivars that more compatible and fit to the specific set of environmental conditions of Iran using lower main resources such as irrigation water etc. with lower production cost and higher return is a major concern of Iran horticulture industry. In the other hand, productivity of Iranian horticultural crops related to water shortage and other environmental stresses using scientific and modern management techniques, might be the major discussion and important tasks in the congress. The reduction of postharvest losses of horticultural crops, attention to the native Iranian horticultural gene pool and germplasm and also, the impact of possible global environment change on horticulture industry is another major concern. Although, the congress topics will not limit to the mentioned important tasks, so IrHC2017 also welcome and consider the other related new ideas and research results on any of potential horticultural crops in the form of oral, poster or specific panel discussion and workshop during the congress.

In addition with the 10th National Congress, this is the first experience of the IrHC International Horticulture Conference in Iran, giving the opportunity for Iranian and International colleagues and delegates exchange their knowledge and experience, and establish of possible further collaboration in all aspects of Iran Horticultural Science.