Prof. Paul Arens

Researcher of ornamental breeding and genetic diversity, Department of Plant Breeding, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Topic: QTL Mapping in Ornamental Crops: Dealing with Complexity

Prof. Silvana Nicola

Vice-President of ISHS, Department of Agriculture, Forest and Food Sciences, University of Turin, Italy
Topic: Resource efficiency in dynamic and intensive systems: Sustainable growing of horticultural crops in hydroponics

Prof. Kostas Chartzoulakis

Irrigation & Olive Growing, Scientific Consultant, Ex Director, ELGO-Institute for Olive Tree, Subtropical Plants & Viticulture, Greece
Topic: Sustainable irrigation water management for horticultural crops in dry environments

Prof. Esmaeil Fallahi

Pofessor and research director of Pomology and Viticulture Program at the University of Idaho, USA
Topic: New Architectures and Rootstocks Impacts on vigor, Yield Efficiency, Fruit Quality, Photosynthesis, and Mineral Partitioning in Modern Apple Orchards

Prof. Carol J. Lovatt

Professor of Plant Physiology, Department of Botany & Plant Science, University of California, Riverside, USA
Topic: Repeating cycles of on and off yields in alternate bearing of olive, pistachio and citrus: different mechanisms, common solutions

Dr. Dietmar Schwarz

Senior Scientist and Group Leader, Leibniz Institute for Vegetable and Ornamental Crops, Großbeeren, Germany
Topic: Grafting: a chance to enhance growth and quality of tomato at abiotic stress

Prof. Mohammad Ali Lahsaiezadeh

Professor of Watershed Management & Regulations-University of California-Irvine (UCI), Irvine, California
Topic: Ground Water Management in Connection with Drought Conditions in California

Prof. Yüksel Tüzel

Ege University, Agriculture Faculty, Department of Horticulture, Izmir, Turkey
President of the IHC2018 (Istanbul, Turkey)

Topic: Protected Cultivation in Mediterranean Region

Dr. Ghazaleh Rouhani

Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, Tehran, Iran
Topic: Persian Gardens: Then and Now